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                Date 2019 / 5 / 26
                Welcome to our website!
                            Hunan Zhenhua Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. is specialized in experimental instrument of ceramics, inorganic non-metallic materials, glass, cement, engineering testing. It is the leading enterprises in domestic industry with strong technical force professional technical personnel and consummate testing equipment. Over the years, the company has been advancing with the times. Aiming at the advanced technology, we produce various products to meet the needs of market......
                Various and high-precision thermal cond
                Instrument and Meter Manufacturing Assoc
                Instrument and Meter Association of Chin
                Letter of appointment
                New type physical and chemical propertie
                Quality Assurance
                KL Electric heating table roller furnace
                KL Electric heating table
                SXZ-20-18 Vacuum box-type atmosphere furnace
                SXZ-20-18 Vacuum box-type
                SXZ Box-type electric vacuum atmosphereSXZ-8-12  SXZ-12-16SXZ-12-17
                SXZ Box-type electric vacu
                DRX-I-BX Intelligent wall heat transfer coefficient scene detection device
                DRX-I-BX Intelligent wall
                STD-A Ceramic dielectric loss tangent and dielectric constant tester
                STD-A Ceramic dielectric l
                FTA-II  Dynamic contact angle analyzer
                FTA-II Dynamic contact an
                DTM-II-H Dynamic Elastic Modulus Damping Internal Friction Analyzer
                DTM-II-H Dynamic Elastic M
                SYD-(Cement) Concrete bending resistance and compressive strength tester
                SYD-(Cement) Concrete bend

                AddRoom 708 Innovation Building, Torch Innovation & Pioneer Park High-tech District, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China
                Tel86-731-58524195 58235998 58267996
                Mob8613278822288 8613487604448

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